West Virginia University Press Award

The AMS Allegheny Chapter offers the West Virginia University Press Award for the best scholarly paper read by a graduate student at either the spring or fall meeting. The Award consists of a $250.00 monetary award generously sponsored by the West Virginia University Press.

1) Any student who is enrolled in a master or doctoral program at an institution of higher education is eligible to participate. Any paper by all eligible graduate students that has been accepted by the chapter program committee and read at a chapter meeting may be considered for the award.

2) An individual may receive the award more than once but not in consecutive academic years.

3) Any paper topic dealing with music through any methodological approach is welcome.

4) Students wishing to compete for the award should disclose their intention to the program committee chair when submitting their abstracts. Furthermore, the complete text of the paper as read, along with relevant accompanying materials, must be submitted, in electronic format, to the program committee chair no later than a week before the chapter meeting at which the paper is presented. Late submissions will not be considered. These materials should be accompanied by a letter from the student’s adviser confirming the graduate-student status of the applicant as of the date that the paper is to be read.

5) The program committee and the chapter president will review all entries on the basis of equal standards and determine the winner. The program committee reserves the right to refrain from announcing an award if the program committee deems no student paper worthy. Only one student will receive the award each year.

6) The competition coincides with the academic year. The chapter president will announce the prize at the spring meeting during the reception/business meeting for papers read at the fall and spring meeting of the particular academic year.

7) The chapter president will promptly inform all entrants of the program committee’s decision. The winner will be acknowledged on the AMS Allegheny webpage and in the newsletter of the national organization.

Winners of the West Virginia University Press Award

2018: Peter Graff, “Staging Dual Patriotism: Cleveland’s German-Language Theater and the Great War”

2017: Woodrow Steinken, “From the Depths: The Invented Interiority of Alban Berg’s Lyric Suite